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A Big Story that Started with a Little Love

If it wasn’t for Saki, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now. 

You see, Saki was our Yorkie. At four pounds soaking wet, you would be hard-pressed to find so much love packed into something so small.

And the feeling was mutual. 

Which is why we were so devastated when he got sick. We did our best to nurse him back to health, but by that time it was too late. He was gone. 

It wasn’t until a few months later when his food was recalled that we realized what had happened. We had been betrayed. 

While we were led to believe that we were giving him nothing but the best natural ingredients, the truth is that the pet food company’s idea of “natural” was much different than ours. And ultimately, that difference is what made him sick.

So, we decided to do something about it.

We wanted to create a product that brought together only the best ingredients for our furry little friends. Ingredients that were such high quality that we would give them to our kids or even take them ourselves. 

And that’s when Little Loves was born.

From the very first day, our mission was to improve the health and quality of life for the ones we love. And while inspired by our little Yorkie, we felt that we all deserve the best. Every single one of us.

Even those of us who don’t have fur.  

Which is why we began developing products for adults, kids and pets. 

The little loves in our lives.

Our commitment to you is to offer only the finest health products so you can sleep at night knowing that you are giving your little loves a little love. 


We believe in quality above all else. Every single product we offer is backed by science with ingredients that live up to their labels. No jargon. No mystery ingredients. No doubts. 


We are upping the game when it comes to the quality of wellness products in the market and we challenge others in the industry to follow our lead and obsess over every single ingredient as we do.  

Our Values

Love for Science.

There is no guesswork involved in what we do. Every ingredient inside each Little Loves product is there for a reason. And that reason is backed by science.

Love for Convenience.

Being healthy should not be hard to swallow (pun intended). We make sure that all of our products are easy to give and easy to use. 

Love for Comfort.

We source only the best ingredients so you can take comfort in knowing that you are giving the best to your little loves. 

Love for You.

Every product we offer was created with love. Lot’s of it. And that is because we believe that our customers deserve the very best.